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Slingo Ringing Up Sales For Lotteries
SAN ANTONIO, Texas (June 5, 2002) -- Oberthur Gaming Technologies and its Slingo® games are rapidly ringing up incremental sales and profits for lotteries across the continent! Every state that has launched Slingo® to date has experienced phenomenal incremental sales. Both new and existing players are drawn to the game, and several states have already ordered subsequent Slingo® games, including New Mexico, Maryland and Minnesota. In fact, the New Mexico Lottery is already on its third order.

The latest release of Slingo® has boasted the greatest sales figures to date. Wisconsin's first week of Slingo® sales accounted for more than 35% of total instant sales for the week ending April 12.

"Slingo's® success comes as no surprise to us," said Carla Schaefer, Oberthur's Vice President of New Business Development. "Our Dream Team immediately recognized the potential this game had to offer our clients and worked diligently to develop a product that would capitalize on the recognized name and play action." Based upon its success, Oberthur is billing Slingo® as the next Crossword or Bingo. And, if future orders are any indication, they are on the right track. Lotteries planning to launch the game include Colorado, Iowa and Oregon. Based upon its success in the U.S., lotteries in other parts of the world are currently looking at ways to add Slingo® to their game plan. Actual launches have already been scheduled by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation and Norsk Tipping Lottery.

According to Schaefer, "While we consider Slingo® to be the next Crossword or Bingo, it can also be so much more because it offers lotteries the opportunity for countless sales and promotional opportunities, including CD Rom and Web-based games and tie-ins, which will appeal to new and lapsed players. Plus, there is no apparent cannibalization on other product lines, meaning Slingo® is truly growing each lottery's player base, sales and profits!" Oberthur is currently developing more products to add to the Slingo® line, including Bonus Slingo® , Red Hot Slingo® and Wild 7's Slingo®

Oberthur Gaming Technologies, the Lottery Division of Franois-Charles Oberthur (FCO), is a world leader in the instant lottery ticket industry and currently supplies products to 100 clients in some 50 countries. FCO is a global leader in high-security printing specializing in instant lottery printing, banknotes, passports, stamps, smart cards and other security documents.

SOURCE: Lyse Trudel, Public Relations Officer, Oberthur Gaming Technologies Corporate. (+1-514) 254-3600, ext.101.
For information: Noreen Fowler, Marketing Manager Oberthur Gaming Technologies USA. (+1-210) 509-9999, ext. 241. Web Site: Email:
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