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Anonymous Donor Gives Away Winning Lottery Ticket
By Thanh Tan (Reprinted with permission from KBCI TV, Boise)

Boise - The Idaho Food Bank says it set a record in 2004 by distributing 5.5 million pounds of food to the hungry. While donations have waned since the holidays ended, the bank says it received a shocking surprise in the mail this week in the form of a winning Lucky Slingo scratch ticket worth $30,000.

Executive Director Roger Simon said he opened an unmarked letter containing the ticket two days ago.

"My first thought was junk mail. My next thought was anthrax," Simon said. "Then I found a very brief note saying, 'I hope you can make good use of this."

The anonymous donor attached a scratch ticket with all the winning numbers. The Idaho Lottery says the odds of winning Lucky Slingo are 1:360,000, and the maximum amount that can be won is $30,000.

The sender(s) did not write their name or return address, but the Food Bank is just as grateful.

Coming off the heels of the holiday season and a record-setting year for feeding the hungry, the bank says donations are harder to come by.

"(Hunger) is a serious problem here in Idaho, it's a year-round problem. This angel if you will, is making a difference at a wonderful time," Simon said.

Because more than a third of all the food served within the bank's network goes to children, the Food Bank says this donation will be distributed to more than a hundred after-school feeding programs throughout the state.

Local 2 News has also learned the winning ticket was bought at a Boise Stinker Station on Orchard Street. The company says it will donate the $300 commission it received from the Idaho Lottery to the food bank.
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