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Oregon State Lottery will reorder Click&Play (Cyber) Slingo after an impressive sell-out of their initial launch in only six weeks!
Oberthur Gaming Technologies (OGT) is proud to announce the Oregon State Lottery will reorder Click&Play (Cyber) Slingo after a quick sell-out of their initial launch on January 19, 2005. The six week sell-out is credited to the interactive computer game play and the brand?s popularity, placing Click&Play Slingo as the highest performing $2 game (excluding Crossword) in the past 12 months, and boasting sales which have outperformed the #2 selling game by 65%!

"We are very pleased with our sales of new Click&Play Slingo" stated Tim Eaton, Oregon Lottery Assistant Director of Retail Operations. "The popularity of the game caught our retailers by surprise and they (our retailers) had a difficult time keeping product in stock."

Click&Play is the Oregon Lottery's brand name for Cyber game. Cyber Slingo is the 3rd Click & Play game launched by the Oregon State Lottery preceded by Mini Golf and Solitaire Riches. Tetris is the next Click&Play game for Oregon scheduled to launch on May 3, 2005. Oregon's Click&Play Slingo can be played by CD ROM or via web download. Players buy a Click&Play Slingo Scratch it ticket to reveal a computer access code to play the game. With two ways to win and a top prize of $10,000 dollars, Click&Play Slingo is sure to be a continued favorite of Lottery players..

Cyber Slingo is a cooperative effort between Lotto-Quebec subsidiary INGENIO and Oberthur Gaming Technologies.

About Oberthur Gaming Technologies

With more than 35 years of lottery-specific expertise and over a century's experience in the security printing industry, Oberthur Gaming Technologies is the world?s leader in the printing of innovative instant lottery tickets. Comprehensive services include strategic game planning and innovative conceptual design with OGT's DreamTeam, mobile gaming, Cyber Games? as well as state-of-the-art Global Operations and Lottery Distribution System (GOLDS). OGT currently supplies a full range of high quality and innovative products and services to 100 clients in some 50 countries. The company has production units and offices in Montreal, Canada; San Antonio, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the U.S.; Paris, France; Vienna, Austria; and Sydney, Australia.

Ingenio is a subsidiary of Loto-Quebec, one of the first lottery corporations in North America, and one of its most dynamic. As a public corporation owned by the government of Quebec, Ingenio's mandate is to innovate and create a whole new generation of lottery games by taking advantage of the countless possibilities afforded by multimedia. In fulfilling this mandate, Ingenio aroused interest of the lottery industry, through the creation of multimedia lottery games, for which it holds worldwide patents.
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