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GameLogic Licenses Slingo® Popular Game to Boost Legal Online Casino Gaming Portfolio
WALTHAM, MA -- (June 8, 2006) - GameLogic, Inc. today announced that it has licensed Slingo®, one of America's most played online games, as the latest addition to its PlayAway portfolio for casinos. GameLogic is the creator and operator of the Virtual Play platform, in which players purchase and redeem tickets at licensed gaming venues, such as casinos, and then play online anywhere there is a computer. Once logged in to a participating casino's website, players enjoy the online Games Gallery a virtual casino floor, full of slot, card, poker, and other themed games.

GameLogic, approved in Nevada, New Jersey and Mississippi, plans to release a Slingo-themed game in the July, 2006 release of its Games Gallery. Players who purchase PlayAway tickets at GameLogic's participating client casinos may play Slingo online to reveal winnings thereafter. The Company plans new Games Gallery version releases as internally developed games and licensed properties are added.

Slingo, an exciting combination of the best features of American favorites Bingo and Slots, was developed on a traditional 5-reel slot machine in 1995. One year later, it had blossomed into a multiplayer online game and successfully debuted on America Online in October of 1996. Today, Slingo holds the distinction of being "one of America's most played online games" with more than 3.3 billion games played. Millions of Americans play Slingo-style games in a variety of formats, including popular slot machines and instant lottery tickets.

"Slingo is not only an immensely popular online game, it also appeals directly to one of our target profiles younger, more web-savvy consumers who are casual visitors to online game sites and bricks-and-mortar gaming properties," said GameLogic CEO Steven Kane. "We're committed to building a game portfolio that entertains current casino patrons and also attracts new consumers who are younger and have an established online gaming routine in fact, our Virtual Play platform was designed to be easily updated with highly recognizable game content from other providers."

"We are excited that Slingo will be part of this new-media platform pioneered by GameLogic," said Slingo CEO Sal Falciglia. "Our driving goals are to expand distribution of the Slingo brand and increase participation of Slingo players, and we're confident that this innovative new application will help draw Slingo lovers into casinos and expose more casino players to Slingo."

QUICK FACTS about Slingo®
- 1 out of every 20 Americans have played Slingo games
- Over 3.3 billion Slingo games -- with more than 360 million hours -- played to date
- Slingo attracts 75% women in the 25-48 age range
- Slingo games have averaged 100,000 total hours of game play daily
- Slingo players are some of the "stickiest" on the Internet - spending an average of over 45 minutes playing games on each visit

About GameLogic
GameLogic innovates Virtual Play gaming entertainment platforms to help legal casinos and government-sponsored lotteries create new revenues, increase return visits and improve player loyalty. The company's platforms, such as PlayAway Casino, are unique in enabling players to enjoy the gaming experience away from the casino in a regulatory-compliant manner. GameLogic, based in Waltham, MA, was founded three years ago by the creators of Gamesville, one of the early, successful pioneers of online entertainment and games and related marketing. The company's investors include Bain Capital, which has $37 billion of capital under management, as well as General Catalyst, and Maveron, whose principals include Howard Schultz, the founder and current chairman of Starbucks. For more information, please visit

About Slingo
Slingo Inc. is where visionary leadership and creative staff develop strategies to bring the Slingo brand into every American home. Online flagship products like Slingo Classic, X-Press Slingo and 5-Card Slingo, slot machines in America's gaming capitals, instant lottery tickets, interactive TV games, and cell phone games are ways in which Slingo Inc. works aggressively to bring games to new markets and to the desirable demographics. The recently expanded website creates a forum for over 60 new and exciting Slingo games as well as a series of unique opportunities to integrate advertising into Slingo products. For more information, please visit
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