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Break The Slingo Coin Bank With a New Slingo Game
HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY - May 1, 2008 - The game that's first in fun just tripled its value and the Slingo Coins are falling fast with Triple Slingo Jackpot, an exciting free slot game on that features the classic Slingo Joker character, Slingo Coins and other Slingo symbols with the feel and sounds of a traditional five reel mechanical slot game.

Triple Slingo Jackpot works like a classic mechanical slot machine, so the stakes are higher and you'll need to pony up 20,000 Slingo Coins to play, but don't worry, you'll be sure to have fun and we think you'll be very lucky. There are Lucky Slingo Sevens throughout the game to give you some extra luck, in addition to triple jackpot multipliers. For each triple jackpot symbol you get, your points will be multiplied by three! That's three times the winnings!

Play up to 20 lines at a time in this online version to win the Slingo Jackpot in this free multi-line free slot game. Take a spin and see if you can win the top award of 90,000 points with two triple jackpot multipliers in this fun new Slingo slot game.

Triple your Slingo Coins with Triple Slingo Jackpot, spin the reels online and see how many Slingo Coins you can win, then take your chance at a real casino with the casino slot machine version of Triple Slingo Jackpot.

According to Dave Lyons, Vice President of the Slingo Casino Division at Slingo, Inc. "The ability to offer an online version of our casino slot game to an existing base of Slingo players will only strengthen the game in the minds of actual casino players."

The real life casino version of the Triple Slingo Jackpot slot game is a multi-coin, 20-line, 5 reel mechanical slot machine featuring several well-known Slingo brand symbols and characters. The Triple Slingo Jackpot slot machine is available for sale in multi-denominations with a max bet of 400 credits and a top Jackpot of 180,000 Credits. To learn more about the casino version of Triple Slingo Jackpot or to see what other Slingo casino games are available visit

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